Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge crossword

Nucleotide research on the virus has revealed that Lassa virus contains four lineages recognized in Nigeria, Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone.

Even after recovery, the virus remains in body fluids, including semen. Frey, K. Health-care workers seeing a patient suspected to have Lassa fever should immediately contact local and national experts for advice and to arrange for laboratory testing.

The multimammate rat breeds regularly, infecting their progeny with during birth. When in close contact within 1 metre of patients with Lassa fever, health-care workers should wear face protection a face shield or a medical mask and gogglesa clean, non-sterile long-sleeved gown, and gloves sterile gloves for some procedures.

Symptoms of Lassa fever The incubation period of Lassa fever ranges from 6—21 days. The modes of transmission of the infection to human beings exist in different forms.

In half of these cases, hearing returns partially after 1—3 months. Many infections with Lassa virus are mild, but it can also cause lethal hemorrhagic fevers resembling those of Ebola.

On rare occasions, travellers from areas where Lassa fever is endemic export the disease to other countries. This process is essential to the virus since it guarantees sufficient provision of viral proteins for the forthcoming replication step, which involves transformation of proteins N and L from the mRNA Dworkin, This tradition has led to deaths of sierra Leoneans who handled Mastomys natalensis, the causality of Lassa fever.

The virus might display various dissimilar shapes hence varied pleomorphism characteristics measuring approximately 80 to nanometer in thickness.

Laboratory workers are also at risk. The viral envelope or covering is studded with glycoproteins comprising of tetrameric composites that belong to viral glycoproteins GP1 and GP2.

Lassa fever Introduction This paper discusses Lassa fever, an infectious disease with regard to its causality organism, transmission, epidemiology, and factors causing the illness, clinical manifestation and diagnosis and the role of the nurse in controlling the illness.

The virus has the capability of managing its replication process rapidly, which is two-step progression. Lassa virus infections can only be diagnosed definitively in the laboratory using the following tests: reverse transcriptase polymerase chain reaction RT-PCR assay antibody enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay ELISA antigen detection tests virus isolation by cell culture.

Training in laboratory diagnosis, clinical management, and environmental control is also included. The transmission is considered zoonotic since it spreads from rats to humans.

Laboratory specimens may be hazardous and must be handled with extreme care.

Lassa Fever

The others were Middle East respiratory syndrome and Nipah virus. Studies affirm that other countries in West Africa, other than the severely hit have experienced sporadic outbreaks among humans or human sero-prevalence or rodents. Such environment increases the breeding of the rodents resulting to escalating cases of illnesses inclusive of Lassa fever.

For the first time in five decades, the disease has been found in northeastern Borno Statewhere the Nigerian army is fighting Boko Haram militants. These countries are characterized by constant outbreaks of the illness. Person-to-person infections and laboratory transmission can also occur, particularly in hospitals lacking adequate infection prevention and control measures.

The virus carries a speedy delivery of endosomes once in the host cell through vesicular. The test comprises of segregating the virus from urine, throat washings, and blood during the vehement phase of the infection.

The varied expression of the virus and presence of other similar symptoms have made the diagnosis of the Lassa fever difficult. The onset of the disease, when it is symptomatic, is usually gradual, starting with fever, general weakness, and malaise.

About suspected Lassa cases have been reported in the last six weeks, according to the Nigeria Center for Disease Control; 57 have been fatal. Person-to-person transmission occurs in both community and health-care settings, where the virus may be spread by contaminated medical equipment, such as re-used needles.

Georgiev, V. Lassa fever is known to be endemic in Benin where it was diagnosed for the first time in NovemberGhana diagnosed for the first time in OctoberGuinea, Liberia, Mali diagnosed for the first time in FebruarySierra Leone, and Nigeria, but probably exists in other West African countries as well.

This was the consensus of participants at a one-day sensitisation meeting with farmers and other stakeholders on Lassa fever on Tuesday in Akure.

Lassa Fever: TUC Tasks Buhari On Health Sector Demands Specialized Laboratories

The meeting, which was organised by the department of Veterinary Disease and Pest Control of the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, was declared open by the Ondo State Commissioner for Agriculture, Chief Adegboyega [ ]Author: Ohams.

Crossword clues for 'LASSA' Clue Answer ___ Fever, acute viral disease (5) LASSA: Synonyms, crossword answers and other related words for LASSA. We hope that the following list of synonyms for the word lassa will help you to finish your crossword today.

We've arranged the synonyms in length order so that they are easier to find. HEALTH REPORT – B ase on trending report as the Lassa fever scourge ravages some parts of South-west states, members of the Nigeria Medical Association, NMA, Osun State chapter, on Monday took campaigns to markets in Osogbo, the state capital, to enlighten women on its.

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Jan 10,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Indeed, one of the minister’s strongest arguments was that if the Lassa fever outbreak had reached an epidemic level as being depicted by the Nigerian media, WHO would have since imposed a travel ban into and out of the country or would have at least issued Author: Greenbarge Reporters.

Write an editorial on the lassa fever scourge crossword
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