Write a program to find the factorial of any number entered through the keyboard

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Java program to find sum and average of two integer numbers

Although this is usually adequate, occasionally you may want to use longer lines or to split a program line over. Two numbers are input through the keyboard into two variables x and y. Write a program to interchange the contents of x and y using third variable Using ternary (conditional) operator, write a C program to find the absolute value of a number.

Here’s a C program to find the day of the given date with output and proper explanation. The program takes as input a formatted date and returns the day on that date.

This program makes use of single and multidimensional arrays, for loop and string function - strcpy() (string copy). [D] Answer the following: (a) Write a function to calculate the factorial value of any integer entered through the keyboard.

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become a follower for free C,C++ And vb code of my blog: izu-onsen-shoheiso.com to learn C,C++,VB programming. AM, January 05, Flowchart to check negative number.

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Flowchart to check Odd or Even number. C program to find factorial of a given number. C program to check whether entered number is odd o C program to find the sum of first natural num C Program to check given string is Palindrome or n.

Write a program to find the factorial of any number entered through the keyboard
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