Unethical conduct in the crime lab

The case, which earned Kofoed his first and greatest encounter with infamy, revolved around the suspects in a double murder: The grim implications of such a callous disregard for the law were clear: In October of a saliva sample had been sent in by the British Police; a suspected spitting incident in Exeter.

Fred Zain died of cancer after the first attempt at holding him accountable for his misdeeds ended in mistrial, and before retrial could begin.

Prosecutors are still pursuing the charges, though, with a retrial set for January The FBI declined, citing privacy concerns.


To buttress law enforcement accusations, Kofoed planted traces of blood which tied the suspects to the murder scene, ultimately securing a guilty verdict in court. This is one of the times where the work of forensic personnel is capable for misuse by those who either do not possess the proper knowledge and skills required to perform their duties or by someone who is willing to manipulate evidence for their own reasons Barnett, The FBI moved to prevent her findings from being distributed and attempted to block similar research elsewhere, even when court-ordered.

Hundreds of cases that Gilchrist handled are now under review. Evidence can be contaminated, poorly tested, carelessly discarded, mislabeled or the results can be misrepresented by the technician The Innocence Project, n.

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Because the work forensic personnel do at the crime scene and in the laboratory are often used in court, it is vital that the skills and knowledge of forensic scientists demonstrate a strong scientific background and a unquestionable understanding criminalistics Hart, Eleven have already been executed.

Forensic personnel must also be of good ethical and moral character Barnett, Reports by two highly-regarded fire science experts, Dr.

Under The Microscope

Whether the technique works for more complicated lies, for people with mental or physical health problems, for people who face serious consequences if they are caught lying, or for those who falsely believe they are telling the truth has not been researched.

Not one time, not ever. But the juries did not believe his testimony. And my biggest fear is that may have happened in this case," Berry says. Gilchrist says she did the best she could in the Pierce case: Hurst found that other presumed indicators of arson were likewise discredited.

And a big part of the problem could be pinned on the man running the show: But they may explain why Zain spent the duration of his forensics career habitually faking lab results and lying to courtrooms in order to secure criminal convictions.

Zain testified falsely in favor of the prosecution and manipulated multiple cases in West Virginia and Texas The Innocence Project, n. One of the misidentified suspects was extradited from Alabama before the error was discovered by an independent expert hired by a court-appointed defense attorney.

A sixth officer, situated in Troop F, had long known the other five perpetrators and undoubtedly shared in their criminal nonchalance, even planting evidence in one instance where a conviction would have been secured without it.

But at least the forensic science that underpins crime lab testing is sound and valid, right.

Crime Labs in Crisis: Shoddy Forensics Used to Secure Convictions

Procedural problems have hampered CBLA challenges in other cases. It has absolutely failed. Forensic personnel are responsible for the collection, preservation, analysis, and interpretation of physical evidence Saferstein.

Feb 06,  · 10 Heinous Cases Of Misconduct By Crime Investigators.

Ethical Practices in Forensics

A.C. Grimes February 6, Share Stumble Tweet. Pin 7 +1 4. And in addition to his work in a Texas crime lab, Since the discovery of Dookhan’s conduct. The author refers to Dunn’s actions as arrogance, but they were, by any measure, unethical conduct across several standards used to classify unethical behavior, namely personal gain, professional responsibility and legal and social responsibilities.

integrity and quality of the work product of a crime laboratory. Section 2. - Code: As members of the AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CRIME the party accused of unethical or wrongful conduct may be censured, suspended, expelled, or no disciplinary action taken.

The Accused will be notified of the Board’s decision by registered mail. In St. Paul, Minnesota, an independent review of the crime lab found "major errors in almost every area of the lab's work, including the fingerprint and crime scene evidence processing that has continued after the lab's drug testing was stopped in July.

As a result of his dealings and interactions with the Crime Lab, these egregious errors, irresponsible and unethical behavior, and unprofessional and complete mishandlings of evidence started to come to.

As a result of his dealings and interactions with the Crime Lab, these egregious errors, irresponsible and unethical behavior, and unprofessional and complete mishandlings of evidence started to come to the surface.

Unethical conduct in the crime lab
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