The impact of decentralization in government

LGAs recruit lower cadre staff only. Selected Essays of Harvey S.

Decentralization in South Africa: the role of politics

Future direction of development studies: The impact of decentralization: Massoi L, Norman AS. Transfers should not be consid- ered as unavoidable evil. Usually these organizations have a great deal of discretion in decision-making. Monitoring and auditing are usually better developed at the national than at the local level.

A study focusing on the decentralization-centralization dilemma and its implications on recruitment and distribution of health workers in remote districts of Tanzania 37 documented similar findings. Poor people are poor anywhere and should be aided irrespec- tive of their place of residence.

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On the whole, the potential gains in allocative efficiency resulting from decentralization are likely to be rather small. These include increased autonomy in the mobilization of financial resources from local sources, increased powers to decide on how to utilize them, and an enhanced bottom-up approach to health planning by involving the community at the grassroots level to identify their local priority needs.

Transparency in process ensures that it is easy for the various local teams to emulate and adopt the methods and processes that brought success to a team located elsewhere. The potential welfare gains associated with a better match of supply and demand are not large. And from the accumulation of these local, active, persnickety freedoms, is born the most efficient counterweight against the claims of the central government, even if it were supported by an impersonal, collective will.

We have seen both the advantages and disadvantages of decentralization that hopefully makes clear what the trade-offs could be in adopting this concept in an organization. Sometimes we receive the first quota of the funds during the time when we were supposed to get the third quota.


Perspectives on fiscal federalism. Then, too, officials often lack incentives to keep their promises. This proposition indicates that decentralization provides greater community participation in the evolution, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of programs.

Government decentralization in comparative perspective: The choice of investments has a technical dimension what design should be selected. Governments delegate responsibilities when they create public enterprises or corporations, housing authorities, transportation authorities, special service districts, semi-autonomous school districts, regional development corporations, or special project implementation units.

The creation of ONAS weakened already-weak local governments and made it more difficult for them to change, to learn, and to improve.

8 advantages of Decentralization for decision making and business growth

The project addresses social science and policy debates about decentralization of government and it provides concrete information to county governments nationwide to monitor change and set policy.

The main reason is that some of the councillors have a low educational level, mainly standard 7, which is the primary education in Tanzania constituting grades 1 to 7, and the ordinary secondary education level, which is the secondary level of education in the country constituting 4 years of schooling from forms 1 to 4.

The Experience of Yugoslavia.


The Case for the Joint Provision of Services What is the most desirable way to allocate different functions to different levels of government. Collection of these secondary data were needed in order to construct measures of key sets of variables a variables that function as causal determinants of county activities and b variables that function as outcome measures of socioeconomic impacts of county activities.

In the second, they will offer the same services at lower tax rates. The centralization of recruitment procedures was done as a way of helping LGAs to secure highly qualified workers in a relatively easy, less complicated and costly manner than in the period beforewhen LGAs played the role of recruiting and distributing human resources.

The services of specialists are not utilised effectively and efficiently, as they are large in numbers. For component 4, we found county government structure as measured by centralization and government capacity as a statistically significant determinant of variation in adult and child poverty rates and household income.

The ANC government, Cameron argues, has attempted to undermine political decentralization and the diffusion of power from the central government in a number of ways. For instance, in the last two local elections the ANC did not announce its mayoral candidates.

The Advantages of a Decentralized Organizational Structure

Decentralization has been used in Africa to expand the reach of the state, so reforms took the shape of deconcentration-extending central administration into the local arena. The Establishment of Liberia and Local Government. Liberia is a country located on the west.

The contributors to Decentralization and Local Governance in Developing Countries examine this institutional transformation from comparative and interdisciplinary perspectives, offering detailed case studies of decentralization in eight countries: Bolivia, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Pakistan, South Africa, and Uganda.

Uganda introduced the decentralization policy in under the Local Government Act of that has since undergone four amendments. The policy inherently decentralized service delivery institutions and their governance in order to improve access to services for the rural poor.

Aug 29,  · Decentralization was one of the most important components of both local government and health sector reforms aimed at transferring key functions, responsibilities, power and resources from the central government to the local authorities, as well as strengthening the capacity of local authorities.

Decentralization involves spreading the decision-making throughout an organization instead of a few making all of the decisions. Decentralization is a matter of degree. At one end of the spectrum, a strongly decentralized organization has lower-level managers and employees making decisions.

At the other end of the.

The impact of decentralization in government
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