The devils highway

Rita Vargas, the Mexican consul in Calexico, arrives to aid in the investigation and to advocate for both the living and the dead. The Yuma or the Wellstone 26as the group is called, also shed light on the problems of U. There are more potholes per mile than you can possibly count.

Bad people appear here regularly; many of them are dying and most of them are in trouble. Rather than wait until dark, Mendez leads the group into the scorching, triple-digit temperatures of the desert.

After the Yuma 14—those who died in the desert—are examined and prepared for burial, they are sent back to Mexico, where they are greeted by a crowd of mourners.

The opportunity exists here to land the trophy of a lifetime. Maps not seen by PW. Piles of human bones now buried show that many died on the journey. The trail had multiple routes; however, the main route proceeded north towards MoabUtah, one of the few places where the Colorado River can be crossed without having to traverse steep cliffs.

They tell the Migra agent inside the car, Mike F. I come from a very privileged background and cannot imagine, and so because of this privilege comes a lot of idealism about how things should never have to be this complicated for anyone.

U.S. Route 491

The walk is difficult but going fine when, close to midnight, the walkers are suddenly blinded by bright lights. Might add a few roads and reviews soon.


Their service and friendliness is world class too. The group of walkers, or illegals, put their lives into the Coyotes' hands. Their accounts are greatly varied and marked by deep confusion, but all identify Mendez as their smuggler.

Some commented that no matter the number they would still call the road the Devil's Highway. I'm not interested in having a political debate with anyone about this topic, but a wall is fucking stupid.

Bottom line is this is simply a fantastic route as the scenery is among the most pristine in Colorado Services can be found in Lake George, CO at the end of the run. They should have left the alone. Don Moi shepherds the men he has gathered from Veracruz to the northern border town of Sonoyta on a bus.

Tracing their lives and the routes to the border, Urrea adopts a slangy, surreal style in which the desert landscape shimmers and distorts, while in desiccated border settlements criminals, officials, and vigilantes patrol for human cargo such as the men from Vera Cruz.

Bagged a bunch of scenic roads. Twelve came back out. The New Mexico Department of Transportation has noted that, as sections are upgraded, fatality rates improve on the four-lane portions, but remain high on the two-lane portions. On the second day of their journey, the men, now hopelessly lost, begin to experience the early stages of heat death, or hyperthermia—a brutal and painful way to die, and the fate of many unfortunate souls who become lost in the desert.

Luis Alberto Urrea did a decent job getting into the minds of the people on every side of this issue, from the ones taking the money from those who wished to make the journey, to the journeymen themselves, to the Border Patrol workers who fear the Devil's Highway for knowing just how deadly and unforgiving a terrain it can be.

Mendez likely demanded American dollars from his walkers in order to cover the costs of water or transportation, and left them behind with instructions to await his return.

It was safe enough, even for big cruisers, but speeds had to be kept low. Yes No By Bondizzle on July 30, 0 out of 0 members found this review useful. Coming from Denver I was pretty low on fuel by the time I got near Lake George, but there is gas there.

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The Devil’s Highway

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The Devil's Highway Chapter Summaries

One of the newest designations in the U.S. Highway System, it was created in as a renumbering of U.S. Route (US ). With the designation, this road was nicknamed the "Devil's Highway" because of the significance of number to many Christian denominations, which is believed by some that is the Number of the Beast.

Last Water on the Devil's Highway: A Cultural and Natural History of Tinajas Altas (Southwest Center Series) Feb 6, by Bill Broyles and Gayle Harrison Hartmann.

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The devils highway
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