Dajjal the judeo christian civilization

Those Who Oppose Dajjal Will Be Immortal

One of these is Ayat No. If you are a Gravatar attempt dispatched with the e-mail Plausibility you are, it will Add used to know your fromall. All then would become believers in Islam and our Messenger of Allah. The answer lies in the word Allah chose to describe Adam.

Being asked by the Messenger of Allah about their number, Jibrael Gabriel answered that whose who once prayed there will not get another chance though the process of it has started from the time of the creation and will continue till the end of the time.

Between Adam and the Last Messenger, thousands, maybe hundreds of thousand of Messengers have brought the Guidance from Allah to their peoples. This is the deceiver, and the Anti-Christ. Your support offers really been and we register our Tribute can join interesting it.

In the old days people were incapable of a concept on percept more than that and that perception Aqida is prevailing today. One thing has remained unchanged in this whole chain of events regarding the sending of Messengers and the guidance, the distortions of these messages after the departure of the Messengers and the subsequent arrival of new ones.

Most of Hindus believe that Krishna a. They did not promulgate new theories on law and punishment, economy or education nor deem the Toraic laws to be obsolete. Would there be any confusion or difference of opinion regarding it being a Kafer unbeliever or not.

The Khatriya kings ruled based on those laws and their interpretations provided by the learned Brahmins. Here the Messenger is clearly mentioning two different things- the Musullis of course gather in mosques for worshipping, and the Messenger is saying — there will be no Hedayah Guidance there.

Then the vicegerent starts the service Ebadat for which he is created and that is to do what the Creator would have done Himself had He not created the vicegerent, and that is to govern the affairs of Mankind with the laws, rules and regulation enacted, formed by the Creator.

It takes probably a quarter of that time now for the socalled, opposite directed Muslims to say their prayers, since they can scarcely take the time to listen to the Imam's 'khutba' or spend any more time than necessary at the mosque.

The definition of a Munafeq Hypocrite is- who professes one thing and believes and does another.

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That means that to worship is to serve, to serve is to worship. The one of the main works He does is he governs, rules, administrates His stupendous creation, the universe by the laws and regulations He has set, enacted Himself.

Then the vicegerent starts the service Ebadat for which he is created and that is to do what the Creator would have done Himself had He not created the vicegerent, and that is to govern the affairs of Mankind with the laws, rules and regulation enacted, formed by the Creator.

The real meaning of the word used in the Kalema i. His Nafrat Contempt and Gadab Wrath is now on this populace in way of the defect, humiliation, injustices meted out to it by the rest of the peoples of the world, in way of abuse, taunt, disdain and ridicule by them who once looked up at them with awe and respect.

Ponder over the Ayat No. From time immemorial man has strayed from the Straight Path, deviated from the truth, whence a new Messenger has been sent to rectify the situation and guide them back to the Serat-ul-Mustaqeem.

To do these is to obey Him, as He has ordered to do these acts and He has ordered to do these and many others things because these are necessary for the main Ebadat i.

Dajjal! Judeo Christian Civilization?

These are created by Allah, and the same thing is applicable to things manufactured by Man. Sura Dhariyat ] and the vicegerent does this service because he has been ordered to do so, [There is no Elah except Allah- so worship Him.

Whereas people who deviate ever so little from the complete implementation of Tawheed in their collective lives will not be acceptable in the eyes of Allah despite the fact of their staying up all night in prayer on fasting the whole month through.

The tough directives, the undertaking of which would entail personal loss and sacrifice were reduced to issues of low priority whereas rules easy to follow were taken high up on the list of priority. So did the Greco-roman for every natural force they could think of like Hindu gods or goddesses for fire, air, water, sea, sun and moon and so on.

In Hindu religion they have tried to name as many natural forces as they could think off with a name of a god or a goddess, like fire, air, water, earth, sun, moon etc.

The almost complete lack of education and the total absence of technology could have prevented the people of the then Arabia in understanding the concept of the Dajjal, however, today, when almost every one of the allegories used to describe the Dajjal by the Messenger have been reflected in the mirror of the western society, how close are we in correctly interpreting and identifying it as the self-same "Masih-al-kazzab," the Dajjal.

Yet… - 96 7. Whereas, in today's world no single person or entity alone has access to means of mass communication, in the developed, developing and underdeveloped regions, television and radio are essential means of communication and entertainment.

The history of this subcontinent also bears similar testimony of this fact. Although apparently death overcomes them, in truth they remain immortal; they just go behind the screen and disappear from our sight, when they are laid in their grave. They did not say that man would not say his prayers, he would not fast, decline to pay Zakah, refrain from performing Hajj, indulge in adultery or gamble his wealth away or commit other crimes.

The Bible described the Anti-Christ as 'Deceiver'67 d. This is the Ebadat that He demands from His Khalifah, agent, representative, vice-gerent, the Mankind. Despite the fact of Dajjal being the most important event in the history of the world, warnings about it started only from the time of Nooh a.

To establish prescribed prayers, to pay taxes, to perform Hajj or fasting is not the main Ebadat as Allah does not establish prayers, does not pay taxes, does not perform pilgrimage or fasts. With the conversion to Christianity, the whole of Europe tried to lead their life the Christian way with the directives coming from the Papal office in Rome.

In this scenario, Allah sent the Messenger Isa a. Jews played a small role in that but the rise of anti-semitism in the s led concerned Protestants, Catholics, and Jews to take steps to increase mutual understanding and lessen the high levels of anti-semitism in the United States.

The literal meaning of the word Dajjal, as discussed earlier, denotes a dazzling impostor: a description to the letter of the Judeo-Christian materialistic civilization: replete with inventions of mind-boggling and dazzling proportions on one hand, while on the other, with complete detachment from the soul and spirituality, turns its followers into subhuman creatures.

to see what it actually is – visit the website islam and dajjal and read the book “dajjal?


THE JUDEO-CHRISTIAN CIVILIZATION!” AND WATCH THE DOCUMENTARY “DAJJAL? Identity of the Dajjal. fields of science and technology and its military might. Therefore, since the basis and source of the JudeoChristian civilization rests on the harnessing and usage of.

Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share your publications and get them in front of Issuu’s. There is a particular reason for our claim that the Judeo-Christian civilization is the Dajjal – is now beyond any reproach.

The reason is the Messenger of Allah has said, “Those who resist the cursed Dajjal their honor and prestige will be similar to the shaheeds (martyrs) of the battle of Badr and Ohud.” – (Bokhari and Moslem) – this hadis is turned into reality before our eyes.

Judeo-Christian has contributed moral and ethical values to the Western civilization. The Ten Commandments was created in order for the citizen to determine between the right and wrong actions. The Ten Commandments was created in order for the citizen to .

Dajjal the judeo christian civilization
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