Assess the functionalist view that religion

Bowles and Gintis believed that the hidden curriculum benefits only the employer in a capitalist society, whereas a functionalist perspective would argue that without socialisation in education, the individual would not recognise the norms and values of modern society.

Belief in God is attributable to a combination of the above factors i. They can be deeply intense and can involve crying, laughing, screaming, trancelike conditions, a feeling of oneness with those around you, and other emotional and psychological states. This helps to create a set of norms and values that people follow to make sure they get to the afterlife to join the rest of their family.

Therefore has Tillich adequately defined religion. Marxists perspectives also believe that a disproportional amount of lower class individuals will continue to higher education as a result of ideological factors such as class and race suggested by literature in sociology in focus.

Durkheim supported his theory of religion through his analysis of a small scale, pre-industrial society. Most religious people would do well to remember the social scientific meaning of the word cult and, in most cases, realize that three of the major world religions originated as cults, including: Cults are also more likely to be led by charismatic leaders than are other religious groups and the charismatic leaders tend to be the individuals who bring forth the new or lost component that is the focal element of the cult.

Postmodernists argue that society is too fragmented to have shared norms and values, and that secularisation in the West means that less people are religious. Make it contemporary as possible- Bellah and civil religion backed up by examples will link it more to today.

Overall, I believe that the functionalist theory has a lot of faults because it contradicts itself in the fact that everything is an essential organ in the body of society but culture is more important than the individuals.

The sacred elements of social life are what make up religion. Because criticism of the system in place when he was writing was inherent in Marx's approach, he took a particular stand on the existence of religion, namely, that it should be done away with.

The heart of the body is what keeps the body alive. This process in which educational failure is seen positively, aids role allocation.

It is perhaps summarized as an attitude which rejects focus on immaterial differences and instead gives respect to those beliefs held in common. However, he introduces a caveat that is particularly telling for religious individuals — for the most positive impact on SWB, goals should be difficult but attainable.

Whereas the Functionalists focus on what seems to be a passive process, interpretionists insist that people play an active role in shaping society with new social norms, values and increased knowledge and therefore tolerance.

You need evidence to back up the functionalist view that religion acts to provide unity, consensus, harmony and cohesion. Yet, the acute reader will be quick to point out that for some, cars and even toys are considered sacred and treated almost as reverentially as the Torah is treated in Judaism.

The set of moral beliefs and values in religion may become so deeply ingrained through socialisation that it may have an effect on the everyday behaviour of believers and non-believers alike.

What sociology teaches us about religion in our world. Methodists, Baptists, and Seventh-day Adventists. Critically examine the relationship between gender, religious participation and religious organisations.

It is another positive role for social institution that guides individuals. For example fishing outside the safety of the lagoon was preceded by rituals to lesson anxiety. For example, religious protesters bomb abortion clinics, this does not benefit individuals or the whole of society.

This requires sociologists to assume a relativistic perspective that basically takes a neutral stance toward issues of right or wrong or true or false. You therefore need to answer the question in the context of the society we live in. He studied the practice of Totemism among the central Australian aboriginal tribes.

Denominations[ edit ] The denomination lies between the church and the sect on the continuum. Studies have found that fear is a factor in religious conversion.

Identify and briefly explain two reasons why it could be claimed that most religions reflect a patriarchal ideology. Assess the view that sociological arguments and evidence support functionalist views of the role and functions of religion in contemporary society.

Freedom of religion is when different religions of a particular region possess the same rights of worship and public expression.

Ideal types are pure examples of the categories.

Sociology question : Assess the view that religion acts as a conservative force in society?

Most scholars believe that when sect formation does involve social class distinctions they involve an attempt to compensate for deficiencies in lower social status. Describe and briefly explain two characteristics of new religious movements.

This according to Durkheim can be a kind of religion, as it involves social sense of belonging and collective conscience which is needed in all religion. This is the underlying premise of Altemeyer and Hunsberger's main thesis — they found some interesting cases where just the opposite seemed to happen; secular people converted to religion and religious people became secular.

You then need to outline Marxist and feminist views as an argument against functionalism and provide evidence to back them up.

Evaluate Marxist and Functionalist Views of Religion Essay

Functionalists view the family as an institution that is present in society to maintain social order and stability. Functionalist’s also view society’s functions very similar to that of the human body.

The Brain in the human body is the organ that controls all other functions. In Society the Government is the main control over the [ ]. Assess the functionalist view of crime and deviance.

[21 marks] This essay will detail the functionalist perspective of crime and deviance. Functionalist theories began to emerge after the industrial revolution in the 18th century.

Assess the functionalist view of crime and deviance essays

Assess the strengths and weaknesses of the functionalist view on society. Functionalism is a consensus perspective, whereby society is based on shared values and norms into which members are socialised. Assess the functionalist view that religion benefits both society as a whole and its individual members?

18 marks In his Elementary Forms of Religious Life, Durkheim argues that the function of religious ritual is to maintain social solidarity by affirming the moral superiority of society over its individual members. Functionalism is a predominant perspective in which to analyse the British educational system.

The functionalist sees education as a miniature society, where the individual develops a sense of commitment to the social group; it is a place to learn rules where the individual learns to conform to societies cultural norms and values.

Those who subscribe to the ideas of the functionalist paradigm view society as socially stable and describes the mechanisms that are used to maintain social stability.

It explains the various ways in which the institutions of the society, such as family and religion, work together to form social solidarity.

Assess the functionalist view that religion
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